12. november 2008

Discovering the World

Places I have been, places I felt and places I want to visit.
Best of them here.

(july 2008, Vík, Iceland)

11. november 2008

Vre Gad Dam

Pred, za in med mano je očitno plodovito obdobje. Pšenica, koruza, krompir, ideje kar vrejo iz mene.

Zapisujem si jih. Hitro. Ideja za gledališko predstavo, ideje za fotkanje, tukaj je še ideja za koncert pa za film, kaj če bi naredili še mjuzikal pa seminarsko nalogo pri Tiskarskih postopkih in Informacijskih tehnologijah. Pišem, rišem, črtam. Aaa. Za znoret. Norim. Ampak mi je všeč. Zelo všeč. Rad delam to.

Grem pisat naprej. Nikoli ne veš kdaj pride nazaj sušna doba. Doba, ko jezik ne laufa, doba ko beseda ne teče, pisalo noče pisat. Tako, da res treba izkoristiti dokler traja. Izkoriščam.

Moj nekako prvi post v slovenščini na tem blogu. Rad pišem v slovenščini. Ne me spraševat, zakaj torej ponavadi pišem v angleščini. Me boste to vprašali raje potem, ko bom napisal še kaj v nemščini.

10. november 2008


Special about specials. People who inspire me.
All in this category.

08. november 2008

New Era.

When I was opening my blog I was thinking about my identity. With a friend that opened blog at the same time, we were both opinion we should just write, at the end who is writing is not so important, more important is about what you are writing.

So I chose to be Sui. Sui Generis. I found this nickname browsing on Internet (yes, google can be fun stuff, if you have to much time :)), it is a Latin word for "of its own kind," used to describe something that is unique or different. People like James Dean or Marilyn Monroe were called as a Sui Generis. Well I am not like them. I am me.
There is only one me in this world. So that is kind of a unique and special like everyone is for it self.

Also representing with Sui nick to others changed my opinion about is not important who is behind the name. Is like you are a complete stranger. Stranger to a people you know and also people you do not know. And it takes some time to get a trust again.

Can say I have wonderful example, taken from my real life. I had opportunity to be someone else. No one knew me anymore. Well it was still me in inside, but outside I was big blue happy thing :). One of the top and wonderful experiences in list what I have done.
I got offer if I want to be mascot of a AS company on WKC competition, where AS was one of the sponsors. My job was to be around with kids and to share sweets with them. Soon I was out of them. I figurate out my work is not just to be with kids. It was more. First kids were afraid of a big blue elephant. It was not only kids. It was most of the people, also friends that did not know who is under costume. They saw me for the first time. I was stranger to them. It took some time they encourage to touch the costume, shake hands with me and when they got candy in their little hands, they were the happiest kids in the world. All this smiles and happy faces. For second day of my work, there were all the time full of kids around me, waving at me, hugging me, taking pictures with me, not scared anymore. We became friends. I was not stranger anymore. Kids thought I am real elephant. Kids from all over the world. That was amazing. Two girls came to me and asked me if I have some elephant friends, well I was the only elephant there, so the answer was no and they asked if they can be my friends ... It was sad when I changed clothes and became suddenly me. Kids did not recognized me anymore, they were asking where elephant is now ...

Everyone is something special,
why we should hide.
I like to be an elephant,
but usually, in real life I am just me.


06. november 2008

03. november 2008

I Love the World

I am sitting and there is a list infront of me. List what to do. Damm is so full. I am not well organised. Why I haven´t done some of this things yesterday. Or they before yesterday. Well maybe tomorrow there will not be need anymore to so some of this things :). But I doubt so. I am always talking to myself I will be more organised. How I will do everything on time, how I will learn everyday and so on. But there is to much ideas goin´ through my mind everyday and is true there is also to much distractions around in a shape of people, different computer programs and webpages :). That can be pretty annoying sometimes :).

So I will do a list, what I want to do. Or what I have not forget to do :). Or what I think is worth to do. And new crazy idea I come after will also find spot on it.
So here is the list:

- jump with parachute
- bungee jumping
- journey around whole world
- taste all world beer, chocolate and ice cream brands


Happy pig

Isn´t that face of a happy pig, between happy friends? :)

01. november 2008

freshly made :)

Well this is my very first blog and my very first post on it. Well ... actually ... I am lying :). This is my third blog, cause I chose wrong domain name for 2 times :). Now rrocket-launcherr sounds just ok for me :). Launching things from my brain´s :). That sounds really fun. I am excited.

This writing. Is really thrilling till now :).

I am disappointed sometimes. And confused. And angry. Well point is I am not happy so much as I want. I like to be happy all the time. I think I know the way to be happy all the time. Well. I am just trying to know it. And follow it. Is hard. But hope someday will reach my goal of non-stop happiness. That sounds like I am kind of crazy. Well I am. Crazy enough to admit that :).

Well what boder me in that world. I am slow. Or everything is to fast around me. I find second option more likely. The life is too fast. Please people stop! Stop. Stopppp! Look around. Look how life is beautiful. And even more beautiful can be if people will notice it. Every moment something special happens. And most of people are just missing that. Men. This not fun. Things passing them, without they notice it. Is not that bad? Well I think it is :).

Some days ago, in elderly home, I saw something nice written on a board. I find old people smart. Well life is learning journey. And they all are learning and traveling for many years. So they should be smart :). Even when they are keep on saying the same things all the time and telling stories since they were young and so on. But back to point of nice thing written on a board. It was about life. Mystery thing :). Life is school. And school contains from lessons. Some are hard, some are easy, some are bad, some are good … but you have to except them all. If you do not. You do not pass the exam :). Bad things are happening. But we just have to except them as something new and take them as a challenge
Actually you have to except everything as something new. Something new to learn. To see, to feel. And when you think you have learned about everything you stopped living or how it goes the saying/proverb.

And many times angry me, we say for something let´s do it, and answer is when we will have more time or let´s do it next time. Why not do it today? This second, minute, this moment ...

I have done it today. And I will continue. Blogging is fun :).

Respect readers :). Enjoy the life :)