03. november 2008

I Love the World

I am sitting and there is a list infront of me. List what to do. Damm is so full. I am not well organised. Why I haven´t done some of this things yesterday. Or they before yesterday. Well maybe tomorrow there will not be need anymore to so some of this things :). But I doubt so. I am always talking to myself I will be more organised. How I will do everything on time, how I will learn everyday and so on. But there is to much ideas goin´ through my mind everyday and is true there is also to much distractions around in a shape of people, different computer programs and webpages :). That can be pretty annoying sometimes :).

So I will do a list, what I want to do. Or what I have not forget to do :). Or what I think is worth to do. And new crazy idea I come after will also find spot on it.
So here is the list:

- jump with parachute
- bungee jumping
- journey around whole world
- taste all world beer, chocolate and ice cream brands


2 komentarja:

Janez Mikec pravi ...

Bungee jumping priporočam :)

Ziga pravi ...

tenks stari :),čeprav mene osebno bolj kot občutek v zraku, navdaja tist občutek pred skokom, tik preden se odrineš in zgubiš stik s podlago. Ne dvomm, pa da občutek leta ni isto genialen :)